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National Silver Academy (NSA) Course Details
Training Provider: Singapore Professionals and Executive Co-operative Limited


Course Details

Date: 7 & 14 August 2020
Time: 9.30am to 1.00pm
Location: 12 Arumugam Road, LTC Building B, 02-12A, S 409958.
(MacPherson CC & DT MRT Exit B, Beside Caltex Station. Bus Stop:24,28,43,70,76,80,135,154,137)



age 50 and above

Course Fee $210 $42
(Plus receive $50 NTUC FairPrice voucher!)


Course Objectives

Relationship building is the process of individuals developing their diverse life skills in social and business networks. The ability to communicate, empathise and motivate others is a fundamental skill that is the basis for building trust, influencing, closing deals, and sustaining social and business relationships across different generations and diverse cultures in Singapore.

Learning Outcome

Participants will be better able to listen more effectively and handle conflicting situations resulting in win-win outcomes. Provide positive Feedback on what is done right and constructive feedback on what is done incorrectly to encourage a willingness to maintain good performance and correct mistakes made.

Topics Covered

Communication (3.5 Hours) What Turns People on and What Turns People Off. Effective Listening. What it is and Why it is important. How and when to Listen Effectively. Benefits and Pitfalls in Listening Effectively. Handling Conflict Situations. What is a Conflict Situation? Why it is important to handle it well. How to resolve a conflict situation with a win-win outcome. When to Handle Conflicts. Benefits and Pitfalls to avoid.

Motivation (3.5 hours) • Giving Credit when due- it is effect on people. • What is Giving Credit? • How and when to Give Credit effectively. • Benefits and Pitfalls to avoid. • What is Constructive Feedback? • Constructive Feedback and its effect on a performer.


Training Delivery Method

ENTRY Behaviour: Participants give their approaches to a current or past problem (1.5 Hours).
EXPLANATION: Facilitator imparts a new approach to address the problem (2.0 Hours).
EXERCISE: Participants work on exercises designed to internalise and translate concepts into practice (2.0 hours).
APPLICATIONS: Participants use the new concepts and practices learnt to the problems they raised (1.5 hours).

Trainer: Mr. Ong Teong Wan

Academic Qualifications: BA, Dip Ed (Singapore), Post Grad Teacher Trainer (Oxford), MBA (International Business) Univ of Southern California, USA. Certification: Certified Instructor-Kepner Tregoe Associates, Certified Facilitator-Louis Allen Management Systems.

26 years Corporate Training Consultant, SIM. Training Experience: Founding President, STADA. 5 years Group Director (HR) Union Carbide Group in Singapore. 5 years Area Training Manager, National Semi-Conductor Singapore. 5 years Teachers Training College Lecturer/Professional Staff SEAMEO Innotech Centre.

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SPEC logospec training course inspire teams

National Silver Academy (NSA) Course Details
Training Provider: Singapore Professionals and Executive Co-operative Limited

Learners are living in an environment where job success involves external interaction such as participation, communication, and cooperation. In such an environment, learners realise they need a language of both the heart and the head which will involve dealing with people as they themselves learn. Act with Tact is crucial to harmony and greater productivity in the workplace!


Course Details

Date: 27 - 28 July 2020 (Monday & Tuesday)
Time: 10.00am to 5.00pm
Location: Online



age 50 and above

Course Fee $360 $72
(Plus receive $80 NTUC FairPrice voucher!)

Learning Outcome

Cultivate inspiring teamwork, to act with tact, using the special language of the virtues.

  • Identify teachable moments where the language of tact can be spoken
  • Identify and draw clear boundaries to manage workplace behaviour
  • Honor their own spirit (feelings) and those of others
  • Listen and companion others around them

Course Outline

Module 1 Speak the Language of the Virtues

How to say anything with Tact

  1. How to acknowledge a virtue when they see someone practicing it. Eg. “You were careful with the measurements...”, rather than “lucky you were not careless”
  2. How to guide and correct by naming the virtue involved while avoiding habits that shame and humiliate. Saying “What could you do to be helpful right now?” names the virtue whereas “Why are you so forgetful/lazy etc?” shames the employee
      • How to “catch” the employee /trainee doing the things right and acknowledge their efforts to improve at teachable moments
      • How to recognize that teachable moments are moments of awareness where the manager /trainer see or create an opportunity for the employee/trainee to master a virtue or character trait

Module 2 Set Clear Boundaries

  • Understand why employees/trainees need clear boundaries to work effectively.
  • How do managers/leaders establish boundaries that are specific, positive, and consistent?
  • How to set consequences that are restorative rather than retributive, and educative rather than punitive for the employee/trainee
  • How to communicate rules clearly, making sure that the recipient understands the reasons they are receiving a consequence if rules are broken

Module 3 Honour the Spirit

  • How to respect and honor that which makes each person unique, that is, their participation, importance, and self-esteem
  • How to create special times with special rituals to enhance the employee/trainee’s attitude and sense of belonging

Module 4 Listening and Companioning

  • How to ask door-opening questions to initiate conversations, questions that are open-ended & non-judgmental
  • How to practice listening and receptive silence
  • How to help employees identify which virtues might be useful to them in resolving their own issues rather than having their supervisors/teachers solve all their problems for them.



Phyllis Chew Ph.D. ACTA certified, taught at various public schools in Singapore before her professorial tenure at the National Institute of Education. She is a recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award, The Teaching Excellence Award as well as MCD’s Distinguished Long Service Award for Volunteerism.

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SPEC logo  imc singapore spec course 



RMC (Registered Management Consultant) is a Enterprise Singapore-Recognised certification programme for management consultants aligned to TR 43:2015 Management Consultants Technical Reference. It has been put together by Certified Managements Consultants from the Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore), a non-profit organization, with the objective to recognise skills, knowledge and competency in the field of management consultancy, and promote high standards of professional and ethical conduct by Registered Management Consultants of the management consulting profession. The RMC is a mark of quality and professionalism developed by Certified Management Consultants for Management Consultants in Singapore. This course is also meant for professionals and managers who wish to gain knowledge in Management Consulting methodologies and practices to improve their diagnostic and analytical skills to enhance their work performance in organisations.

Course Objectives

The RMC Management Consulting Course is specially designed to:

  1. Equip participants with the basic skills, methodologies and practices of professional management consulting.
  2. Meet the needs of candidates intending to acquire the knowledge and skills relevant to achieving the Registered Management Consultant (RMC) examination and certification.
  3. Achieve high standards of competence in areas that confers upon the participant an accredited status of having achieved the required prerequisite of knowledge and skills relating to the provision of professional management consulting services complying with the TR-43 Management Consultants Technical Reference.

Who Should Attend?

Individuals who wish to sit for the RMC Exam and thereafter apply to be certified as a Registered Management Consultant by the Institute of Management Consultant (Singapore). Managers, Executives or Professionals who wish to acquire knowledge and skills in management consulting methodologies and practices.

Admission is open to individuals with diploma or above.

Course Details

Date: 22 to 24 July 2020
Time: 9.00am to 5.30pm
Venue: TBC


Course Fees $2,000.00 Limit to max 10 participants
RMC Exam Fees $250.00 One-time exam fee sponsorship for SPEC/SHRI/SNCF member


Course Contents

  • Business of Management Consulting
  • Consulting Standards and Process
  • RMC Code of Professional Conduct
  • Government Assistance Schemes
  • Offering – Scope, Propose and Contract
  • Execution – Diagnose, Recommend and Acceptance
  • Execution – Implementation
  • Closure – Review, Conclude, Report Writing
  • Consultancy Tools and Techniques
  • Ongoing Consulting Activities
  • Managing Client-Consultant Relationships

Award of Certificate of Attendance Criteria

To qualify for the award of the RMC Management Consulting Course Certificate of Attendance, the candidate must achieve at least 75% attendance.

RMC Written Exam

Participants who wish to apply for RMC Certification shall register with the RMC Certification Board of the Institute of Management Consultants and sit for the RMC Written Exam within 6 months from the last day of the course. To qualify for RMC Certification requirements, participants must score at least 70% during the written exam.


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For more information, please contact Mabel or Bobby at 64223767.

sccl tea session 15062020 01


Silver Caregivers Co-operative Limited (SCCL) is a co-operative that hopes to better the quality of life of caregivers through Workshops, Courses, Talks, as well as to become a one-stop centre of information in their caregiving roles in Singapore. SCCL is currently the leading Psycho-Social Course Provider for caregivers.

SCCL champions the cause of caregivers, especially the sandwiched group (refers to caregivers who are not within the bottom 5% of the economic ladder), by empowering them with relevant holistic skill sets.

Through collaboration with various organizations, it hopes to provide a series of workshops, seminars and public forums to support and prepare them socially and mentally to be effective caregivers.

Join the co-op's tea sessions to learn more about the different areas pertaining to caregiving!



Date Day  Time  Topic 
19 June 2020 Friday 7.30pm - 9pm

Love & care of people with special needs
Speaker: Mr Tony Lim, Clinical Psychologist

  • What is special needs?
  • What are the possible available resources?
  • Paradigm shift: different vs special?
  • How can caregivers be empowered?
24 July 2020 Friday 7.30pm Supporting the persons with dementia at home
21 August 2020 Friday 7.30pm End of ilfe issues
18 September 2020 Friday 7.30pm Expanding the spiritual potential of caregivers



  SCCL Member Non-member 
One session $5 $10
Bundle Deal (Four sessions) $10 $20



For more information, please contact Regina @ 9830 3165 or email to

SPEC logospec training course managing termination retirement re-employment

National Silver Academy (NSA) Course Details
Training Provider: Singapore Professionals and Executive Co-operative Limited


Course Details

Date: 30 July 2020, Thursday
Time: 9.00am to 5.00pm
Location: Online



age 50 and above

Course Fee $210 $42
(Plus receive $50 NTUC FairPrice voucher!)


Course Objectives

Termination, retirement and re-employment are now contemporary topics and issues needing critical attention in today’s dynamic industry and context. Employees terminate, retire and are reemployed almost on a daily basis by organisations in Singapore and many other countries too. Managers should be knowledgeable in their obligations to their stakeholders and avoid being caught in an unfavorable situation, while employees should also know their rights when terminating, retiring and seeking re-employment.

Learning Outcome

  • To understand the process and considerations when initiating termination, retirement & reemployment
  • To understand the legislated Employer’s and Employee’s obligations on termination of service, retirement and re-employment
  • To analyse and take action on the psychological impact of retirement
  • To understand the various options to employers and employees at the onset of termination of service and retirement
  • To understand the obligations & limitation of actions termination and early retirement.

Topics Covered

  • TAFEP fair employment practices guidelines on termination, reorganization and retrenchment
  • How to avoid & manage an unfavourable situation when terminating and retiring an employee
  • The case of employment termination, continued employment after the Minimum Retirement Age. Process of Retirement and Criteria for Re-employment
  • Advanced notice, dialogue & agreements before termination and retirement
  • Types of re-employment contract. Constructing an evidence-based non-re-employable cases
  • Counselling and corrective actions for early retirement cases. Avoiding and handling wrongful dismissals due to age

Trainer: Noel Khng

Master of Science (UK) majoring in HRM and a Diploma in Industrial Relations, Noel Khng also successfully completed the Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA).

20 years’ experience in the Human Resources field. For 18 of the 20 years he worked for the Shell Group of Companies where he took on roles as a generalist as HR Manager for its Chemicals plant, as well as specialist roles in Recruitment, Staff Administration, Employee and Industrial Relations, HR Information Systems and Learning and Development.

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Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF) is organising the scheduled classes in September 2020 for the Basic Financial Accounting Modules 1 – 3.

  • Module 1 – Financial Accounting (1 day)
  • Module 2 – Management Accounting (1 day)
  • Module 3 Current issues in finance and accounting related to Credit Co-operatives (0.5 day)


Download Programme Outline


Who should take this course?

Managers and professionals in Co-operatives who have limited prior exposure to accounting and finance training, or as a refresher, are invited to attend this course.

With the different curriculum of the modules, Non-Credit Co-operatives are advised to take Modules 1 & 2 and the Credit Co-operatives to take all 3 modules.

Training Details

Date/Time            Module 1 2 October 2020, Friday 9am - 5pm 
 Module 2 7 October 2020, Wednesday 9am - 5pm 
 Module 3 9 October 2020, Friday 9am - 1pm 
Trainer                     Mr Lee Kin Wai, Associate Professor
 Division of Accounting, Nanyang Technological University

Zoom video conferencing platform

Course Fees     SNCF Affiliates Non-Affiliates
 Module 1 $90 $100
 Module 2  $90 $100
 Module 3  $45 $50



Please download the registration form (Appendix 1) and email to us at by Tuesday, 15 September 2020. For further information, please contact your respective Relationship Manager.


  • If the minimum number of attendees for these classes is not met, the class will be cancelled or postponed till further notice.
  • SNCF reserves the right to make changes to any of the above details.

In difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic, co-operatives who wish to render assistance to vulnerable groups may consider supporting the following organisations that are affiliated to the co-operative movement:

1. NTUC U-care Fund

The NTUC-U Care Fund was established in 2009 to consolidate the Labour Movement’s fundraising efforts to better the welfare of low-income union members and their families. Contributions to the fund will help some people who may be members of the union-based co-operatives.  For details, please visit here.


ISCOS has a charity arm, The ISCOS ReGen Fund. It is a registered charity to offer support to children and families of reformed offenders. Some of the programmes include ”Rebuild Lives Amidst COVID-19 #SGUnited Programme” and “Fairy Godparent Programme (FGP)”. The “Rebuild Lives Amidst COVID-19 #SGUnited programme” helps provide essential items to the members and their family who are impacted by COVID-19.  The FGP programme empowers the children with the opportunity of a complete education and the skills required to be employable and financially independent in future. FGP is designed with the main objective of preventing intergenerational offending.

3. NTU Priorities Fund

NTU has recently set up a new NTU Priorities Fund to help their needy students cope with the impact of COVID-19. While the fund is not directly linked to our affiliate, Co-op@NTU, contributions to the fund may help some of their members and help create greater awareness among the student population about the co-operative spirit of helping one another.  For details, please visit here.

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