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National Silver Academy (NSA) Course Details
Training Provider: Singapore Professionals and Executive Co-operative Limited


Course Details

Date: 19 & 20 October 2020
Time: 10.00am to 5.00pm
Location: Online



age 50 and above

Course Fee $360 $72 
COVID-19 Support $80 FairPrice Voucher


Course Objectives

We are now living in an environment where job success involves external interaction such as participation, communication, and cooperation. In such an environment, we would realize that we need a language of both the heart and the head which will involve dealing with people as we ourselves learn. Hence people managers and team leaders must understand that in today’s new workplace, they must be more intuitive; diverting from the traditional ways of leading that have become too predictable and uninspiring.

Act with Tact is crucial to harmony and greater productivity in the workplace!

Learning Outcome

This workshop aims to equip learners with the skills to cultivate inspiring teamwork, to act with tact, using the special language of the virtues.

  • Identify teachable moments where the language of tact can be spoken
  • Identify and draw clear boundaries to manage workplace behaviour
  • Honor their own spirit (feelings) and those of others.
  • Listen and companion others around them

Topics Covered

Module 1: Speak the Language of the Virtues

  1. How to say anything with Tact
  2. How to acknowledge a virtue when they see someone practicing it. Eg. “You were careful with the measurements…”, rather than “lucky you were not careless”
  3. How to guide and correct by naming the virtue involved while avoiding habits that shame and humiliate. Saying “What could you do to be helpful right now?” names the virtue whereas “Why are you so forgetful/lazy etc?” shames the employee.
    • How to “catch” the employee /trainee doing the things right and acknowledge their efforts to improve at teachable moments.
    • How to recognize that teachable moments are moments of awareness where the manager/trainer sees or creates an opportunity for the employee/trainee to master a virtue or character trait.

Module 2: Set Clear Boundaries

  • Understand why employees/trainees need clear boundaries to work effectively.
  • How do managers/leaders establish boundaries that are specific, positive, and consistent?
  • How to set consequences that are restorative rather than retributive, and educative rather than punitive for the employee/trainee.
  • How to communicate rules clearly, making sure that the recipient understands the reasons they are receiving a consequence if rules are broken.

Module 3: Honour the Spirit

  • How to respect and honor that which makes each person unique, that is, their participation, importance, and self-esteem.
  • How to create special times with special rituals to enhance the employee/trainee’s attitude and sense of belonging.

Module 4: Listening and Companioning

  • How to ask door-opening questions to initiate conversations, questions that are open - ended & non-judgmental.
  • How to practice listening and receptive silence.
  • How to help employees identify which virtues might be useful to them in resolving their own issues rather than having their supervisors/teachers solve all their problems for them.


Learning Methodology

To anchor the learning, the workshop incorporates interactive delivery of contents, trainer-led facilitation, sharing of industry best practices; mini case studies; plenary group sharing & discussions and skill practices; self-reflection/ assessment; individual/organisational action planning; etc.



Phyllis Chew is Ph.D. ACTA certified and has taught at various public schools in Singapore before her professorial tenure at the National Institute of Education. She is a recipient of the Teacher of the Year Award, The Teaching Excellence Award as well as MCD’s Distinguished Long Service Award for Volunteerism.

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