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In difficult times like the COVID-19 pandemic, co-operatives who wish to render assistance to vulnerable groups may consider supporting the following organisations that are affiliated to the co-operative movement:

1. NTUC U-care Fund

The NTUC-U Care Fund was established in 2009 to consolidate the Labour Movement’s fundraising efforts to better the welfare of low-income union members and their families. Contributions to the fund will help some people who may be members of the union-based co-operatives.  For details, please visit here.


ISCOS has a charity arm, The ISCOS ReGen Fund. It is a registered charity to offer support to children and families of reformed offenders. Some of the programmes include ”Rebuild Lives Amidst COVID-19 #SGUnited Programme” and “Fairy Godparent Programme (FGP)”. The “Rebuild Lives Amidst COVID-19 #SGUnited programme” helps provide essential items to the members and their family who are impacted by COVID-19.  The FGP programme empowers the children with the opportunity of a complete education and the skills required to be employable and financially independent in future. FGP is designed with the main objective of preventing intergenerational offending.

3. NTU Priorities Fund

NTU has recently set up a new NTU Priorities Fund to help their needy students cope with the impact of COVID-19. While the fund is not directly linked to our affiliate, Co-op@NTU, contributions to the fund may help some of their members and help create greater awareness among the student population about the co-operative spirit of helping one another.  For details, please visit here.

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