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Singapore Professionals’ and Executives’ Co-operative (SPEC) is a co-operative founded by SHRI on 16 May 2000 to assist in outplacement, employment and employability of Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) affected by business restructuring and reorganisation.

SPEC mission is to create a “harbour of lives and opportunities” for its members and be a dynamic and source of support for professionals, managers, executives, technicians, (PMETs), self-employed, freelancers and SMEs.

Being Stakeholders Centric, we strive for win-win-win partnership. Pride: we are proud to serve with passion and integrity. Excitement: we are excited about our future and the opportunities. Commitment: we are committed to deliver our promise.

SPEC is an affiliate of the Singapore National Cooperative Federation. As a not for profit organisation, our aim is to help PMETs, self-employed, freelancers and businesses manage change and seek gainful economic activities. SPEC provides customised outplacement, pre and post outplacement consultancy services to businesses, place and train, and on job training, work trial, temporary and permanent job placement, career and business advisory and transition services to individuals.

Our talent matching services are customized and centred on meeting our clients’ future ready needs with job-search tools, methods, skills and knowledge development, financial management, networking and resources that greatly speed up the transition process of providing assistance to affected PMETs.

Specific areas of activities include:

  • Support businesses with Outplacement, Pre and Post Outplacement consultancy, preparation, communication and programmes
  • One stop Talent Matching Services for Permanent, Temporary and Contract for local and overseas job placement and internship
  • Agency to provide career coaching, prepare job seekers for permanent employment career transition, work trial, internship and temporary employment
  • Enhance business capabilities development and local start-up; and support for free lancers, self-employed, consultants and local SMEs.
  • SPEC Group Hospital, Surgical, Enhanced Medical and Personal Accident Insurance• Motivation and Skills Gaps Analysis, Career development and Compensation Progression Roadmap for hiring sectors Professional Transformation Programmes and Development
  • Job and Personality profiling match, mentor and mentee programme
  • SPEC Community of Learning for networking, collaboration, co-creation, peer support and engagement


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Singapore Professionals and Executives Cooperative Limited
10, Eunos Road 8, #13-07, Singapore Post Centre, Singapore 408600.
DID Tel: 64223793 or 64223762. EA 16C8363 http://www.spec.org.sg/