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Join our "That's a Co-op" contest and win SGD100 worth of vouchers!

  1.  Follow our @sncfsg instagram account

  2. Post an original image on your public instagram account with/of a co-operative of your choice

  3. In the caption: tell us the name of the co-op, where is the co-op from, why you like this co-op and hashtag #thatsacoop
    (Example: I love RunningHour (Singapore) because it made a difference to the lives of the visually handicapped. #thatsacoop )

Stand to win SGD100 worth of vouchers!
3 winners will be selected for each month.

Local Prize: Starbucks / NTUC FairPrice / CapitaLand vouchers

International Prize: Amazon vouchers

Entries will be shortlisted based on Relevancy, Creativity and Number of Likes (on post).

BONUS: Participants who choose a co-op that is least featured stand a higher chance!


Terms & Conditions:

Organiser: Singapore National Co-operative Federation (SNCF)

Contest Period: 10 March - 27 July 2018

Eligible Entrants: Open to local and international entries

Judging Dates: 27 March, 24 April, 22 May, 26 June, 24 July 2018

Winner Announcement: Last Friday of each month

Prizes: Prizes are non-transferable and not redeemable for cash. Prizes that are not collected within two months of notification will be forfeited. SNCF reserves the right to substitute any prize, if deemed necessary.


  • By tagging #thatsacoop and entering the competition, you agree that your submitted entry may be used for SNCF's marketing purposes and that you have sought the permission of the people featured in your photo prior to the submission.
  • SNCF reserves the right to disqualify entries that do not meet the rules and regulations of the contest.
  • SNCF's decision on the winning entries is final.
  • SNCF reserves the right to publish participants' names and contest entries in its publicity materials. SNCF reserves the right to use and publish the submitted post in any form.
  • SNCF reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions, if necessary at any time.


@hannahalkaff: #DoYouKnow FairPrice maintains a basket of 400 essential items that are affordable for people. At least 90 per cent of Everyday Low Price items are among the lowest priced in the market!
#ScoopTrail2018 #SNCFsg #CoopYouth #thatsacoop #Cooperative #NTUCFairPrice #teamneed2grad
@kennethyapper:#DoYouKnow CJC Coop;is the first school-based co-operative;society in Singapore!
#ScoopTrail2018 #SNCFsg #CatholicJC #CoopYouth #thatsacoop #Cooperative #TeamGobiyond #Team10 @sncfsg
Ouh Dreey
@ouh_dreey: DoYouKnow FairPrice maintains a basket of 400 essential items that are affordable for people. At least 90 per cent of Everyday Low Price items are among the lowest priced in the market!
#ScoopTrail2018 #SNCFsg #CoopYouth #thatsacoop #Cooperative #NTUCFairPrice #TeamRHouse
@_actofvalor: Fareground: Serving hipster food at a fair amount. #thatsacoop #sncf #ntucfoodfare #pasirirshawkercentre
@brickandmortarcollective: Name: Brick and Mortar Collective -Detroit Michigan Why we like it here: owning a and repairing a home is a lot easier with solidarity! #coop #thatsacoop #comrades #icecream
@powerpsyduck: Just got my TCC credit co-op card today !!! I have been seeing @sncfsg
promoting about co-op this month, so I went to find out more and sign up for this !
Now I'm a member of ntuc co-op, aupe co-op and now tcc co-op !! 😁
For those members who earn "average" salary may find it easier to borrow from them compared to large commercial banks. #sncfsg #thatsacoop #contest #cooperatives #gocoop #coops4dev #coopyouth
@sereneyew: <The Good Life Co-operative> is located at 820 Thomson Road #07-57 Singapore 574623. I like this Co-op. because the founder Dr. Carol Tan Yean Eng offers medical services such as highly subsidised vaccinations to the Low-Income families in an honest and equitable manner. #thatsacoop
@w.orm: I love CJC CO-OP. Co-op is my life and home I feel that it is really insiprational that co-op contribute its profits to the student needy fund!!! making sure that it contributes back to the school the students and the auntie spending hrs working in the co-op to help serve the school community!!!!! #thatsacoop
Huiru Ruien
@huiru_ruien: CJC co-op #thatsacoop @sncfsg I love how the coop is my third home :)) the hours our nexus spent in the co-op 1hr every wk to serve the students was memorable :)) I love how the co-op choose to keep their prices low and profits donated to the student needy fund so as to contribute back to the community!!! All my nexus members I love y'all ❤️❤️
@1810fm: #throwback #doyouknow @incomemadedifferent launched #orangeforce on 18 Oct 2011 which also my DOB. 😊 Orange Force became my second home ever since. I love this Co-Op because we are the only #insurance company offering assistsnce to policy holders after they met with an accident. The hotline to remember is 67895000 and did I mention it is 24/7. #BeSafe #BeSmart #BeSeen today & everyday. 😉 #thatsacoop @sncfsg
@nickdapoohbear: AGM marks our final CCA Session together.
Beginning my entrepreneurial journey not knowing what to expect and who I'll meet were things I feared. As time passed, the awkward us grew to be a loving Nexus Family.
I looked forward to every session because it was always fun & laughter, things that turned my down days around. Even though we won't meet up as frequent, I hope that we will continue hanging out even as our schedule becomes busier. Love you guys!!!❤ All the best for A Levels! Wishing the J1s a fruitful time as well & make Nexus even greater☺ I don't regret joining a cooperative because it gave me an insight on how certain products came about for a purposeful objective & many of such products are common items seen in our everyday lives which I would never have realised unless I became a member of a cooperative.
Moreover, it gave me the opportunity to serve others together with my team members which is really meaningful. @sncfsg #thatsacoop
@coldkohmew: #thatsacoop @ntuclearninghub is a local co-op, I love the co-op because it provides me the opportunity to upgrade my skills and take on greater responsibilities in the future
Lavender Teo
@lavender_teo: I ❤💗💖 NTUC Health Co-op (Singapore) because they provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of quality and affordable health and eldercare services such as the active ageing hub at Kampung Admiralty. Active agers are encouraged to remain engaged and healthy through a host of community activities and health services. This is my grandma favourite local hangout 😊❤ #thatsacoop
@thetomitomo: The Credit Co-operative (TCC) is comprehensive non profit financial institution. I like TCC because they provide members with a safe repository for savings and access to credit at affordable interest rates! So... Need to pay tuition fee? Buying a house? Getting married? TCC is there for you! The Credit Co-op with a heart! #thatsacoop #sncfsg
@ivonecr: Anlene is one of Co-operative company from New Zealand by a global dairy nutrion company owned by 10.500 farmers ans their families! Make people can get the power of dairy in easy and tasty way 😍 #thatsacoop #anlene


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