In 4 simple steps

Forming a Co-operative takes your interest in 'doing well, and doing good', to a whole new level, where one can directly make a difference to lives via your sustainable social enterprise. Faced with the same market competition as any other business, Co-operative social enterprise that succeed are those which have differentiated themselves by the very DNA of their unique social missions, and have managed to implement this mission in a compelling way, from strategy to service, intent to communication.

Inline with our mission of promoting and developing sustainable Co-operative enterprises in Singapore, the SNCF team is dedicated to support you in bringing to fruition, your Co-operative idea. These 4 steps will offer you a glimpse into the process of forming a Co-operative in Singapore.

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STEP 1:A Pro-tem Committee

A Pro-tem Committee

You need at least 3 members to form a Pro-tem Committee.
This Committee:

  1. Undertakes a feasibility study to determine the economic, and financial viability of the proposed society.
  2. Prepares a viability statement, which consists of an at least 3-year business plan, and cash flow projections. 
  3. Consider the objectives, the constitution of the society, and drafts the By-laws.

STEP 2:Seeking the Registrar's Comments

Seeking the Registrar's Comments

After completing the feasibility study, the Pro-tem Committee is to submit the following for the Registrar's Comments:

  1. The Viability Statement
  2. Their Particulars (i.e Name, NRIC No., Date of Birth, Citizenship, Occupation, Address, and Office Contact No.)
  3. The Draft of By-laws, which include matters spelt out in.

Click to download: The Schedule of the Co-operative Society Act

You can refer to the model by-laws here:

STEP 3:Preliminary Meeting

Preliminary Meeting

After obtaining the Registrar's comments a Preliminary Meeting, of at least 5 persons qualified for membership, is convened to:

  1. Adopt the By-laws (which have incorporated the Registry's) comments and
  2. Pass the resolution to accept all the rights, duties and liabilities prescribed by the By-laws.

For more information, click: Qualifications for membership

STEP 4:Application for registration

Application for registration

Upon registration, the Pro-tem committee shall continue to manage the affairs of the co-operative society, until the First Meeting of its members (which is held not later than 3 months after receipt of the Notice of registration). The business of the first meeting shall include the election of officers who shall serve until the first annual general meeting.

For more information, click: - These documents are required to be submitted
- Not eligible for membership

Source: MCCY, How to set up a co-operative society.